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Reduce Machining Times up to 25% or More with Force Optimization

Force Optimization CGTech’s VERICUT Force is a physics-based NC program optimization software module that analyzes and optimizes cutting conditions throughout NC program operations.

VERICUT Force makes the most effective NC program for the given material, cutting tool, and machining conditions. The result is significant time savings, and improved cutting tool and machine life.

VERICUT Force allows programmers to quickly and easily visualize what is happening cut-by-cut in the NC program as the tool contacts the material. With VERICUT Force you clearly see underutilized cutting conditions, excessive forces, metal removal rates, power, torque, and tool deflections. 

A single click provides a review of the NC program and a visual analysis in the graphic review window. This analysis provides a view of the machining before running the NC program on the actual machine. VERICUT Force provides the user with a proactive analysis on NC programs, making them right the first time.

On my very first try, Force cut the cycle time by 35% on three separate machining operations. It also increased tool life by 150-200%. It was pretty amazing.
Steelville Manufacturing Co

VERICUT Force makes optimizing an NC program fast and easy. Force calculates the contact between the tool and material, cut-by-cut. Force also takes the cutting tool edge and the material into account to adjust the feedrates to be optimal and constant.

VERICUT Force’s material catalog is complete with ISO PMKNSH materials.

Benefits of Force:

  • Significant cycle time savings
  • Charted cutting condition information for NC program analysis
  • FAST analysis and iteration for testing various cutting scenarios
  • Maximized and more consistent chip thickness throughout the machining process
  • Cut-by-cut analysis of the interaction between the cutting tool edge and the material
  • Improved cutting tool performance—utilize cutting tool technologies to their full potential
  • Prevention of undesirable cutting conditions like excessive force, HP/Torque, and tool deflection
Force is extremely well-suited to materials that are difficult to machine, and for complex multi-axis operations. For real world efficiency gains, Force is the most innovative software currently available.