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For help installing and running VERICUT, see the Installation Guide

Installation Guide 9.2PDF

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VERICUT technical support representatives are available:
Phone: +91- 9980044569 and +91-9960474452

Additional help and version specific support

Your Server is a virtual machine
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Your Server is a virtual machine

Virtual Machine License Server

Important information about using VERICUT’s License Server on a Windows Virtual Machine

This page has important information about using VERICUT’s License Server on a Windows Virtual Machine. If your company does not utilize Virtual Machines, you can stop reading now. If you intend to install VERICUT’s license server on a Virtual Machine, you must tell us. A standard VERICUT license will not work from a Virtual Machine. If your current license server is running on a Virtual Machine, please fill out the short form found here to request a license that is enabled for Virtual Machines. If you have multiple license servers and some of them are not Virtual Machines, please indicate which ones are Virtual Machines, in the Notes / Special Instructions on the form. There is no additional charge for a Virtual-enabled license. Thank you for your continued use of VERICUT and support of CGTech.

You may also contact Technical Support by using the following form.